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ZOLL leads the way in life-saving innovations with the durable and user-friendly Zoll AED Plus for cardiac emergencies.

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Welcome to the World of Zoll AED Plus

For over 25 years, ZOLL has been at the forefront of advancing resuscitation and defibrillation technologies. By creating innovative products, ZOLL empowers first responders and unexpected heroes, enabling them to play a crucial role in saving lives.

At the forefront of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), Zoll AED Plus stands as a reliable and innovative solution in the mission to save lives during sudden cardiac emergencies. Designed with user-friendly features, advanced technology, and unmatched durability, the Zoll AED Plus is trusted by organisations and individuals committed to emergency preparedness.

Enhancing AED Effectiveness Through Supportive CPR Assistance

AEDs alone do not save lives; people utilising AEDs make the difference. Real CPR Help is a supportive tool that assists you in delivering top-notch CPR. It offers visual and audio cues through integrated, real-time feedback, such as prompting you to “Push Harder” or confirming “Good Compressions,” ensuring you stay on course to administer potentially life-saving CPR. Alongside step-by-step audio prompts, Real CPR Help incorporates a compression depth indicator, offering real-time visual guidance to help you provide the most effective CPR.

Empowering Confidence

With a user-friendly interface, audible and visual prompts guide even untrained rescuers through each step of the resuscitation process. The Zoll AED Plus instils confidence and ensures individuals can respond swiftly and effectively in critical situations.

The Durable Design of Zoll AED Plus

Built to withstand the rigours of various environments, the Zoll AED Plus is highly durable and reliable. Its rugged construction makes it suitable for use in challenging conditions, ensuring it is ready to perform when needed.
Always ready to go!

The Zoll AED Plus comes equipped with long-lasting batteries, providing peace of mind that the device will be ready for an emergency. Regular self-checks and low-battery alerts further contribute to the device’s reliability.

Enhance Safety with Zoll AED Plus: Deployments and Support


Create a safer work environment by equipping your workplace with Zoll AED Plus units. In the critical moments following a cardiac arrest, having an AED readily available can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Public Spaces

Deploy Zoll AED Plus in public spaces, such as airports, malls, and sports arenas, to enhance the safety of visitors and staff. The device’s intuitive design ensures that bystanders can confidently use it in an emergency.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Ensure the safety of students and staff by installing Zoll AED Plus in educational institutions. Quick and effective response to sudden cardiac emergencies can be a lifesaving measure.

Training and Support

Ventria provides comprehensive training to ensure users are well-prepared to respond to emergencies. Our customer support team is also available to assist with any inquiries, maintenance, or troubleshooting needs.

Make a Difference with Zoll AED Plus

Invest in the safety of your community, workplace, or institution with Zoll AED Plus. Join the ranks of those making a difference by being prepared to respond effectively to sudden cardiac emergencies.

Contact us to learn more about how Zoll AED Plus can be tailored to meet your needs.

Key Features of Real CPR Help for Zoll AED Plus
  • Real CPR Help provides real-time CPR feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions
  • Audio prompts and visual icons complement the American Heart Association’s Chain of Survival
  • Easy-to-place, one-piece CPR-D-padz® electrodes with a 5-year shelf life
  • Fully automatic feature available — unit will deliver a shock on its own when a shockable heart rhythm is detected
  • Rugged design with an IP (ingress protection) rating of IP55 for dust and water
  • Can withstand conditions like extreme temperature, altitude, vibration, and shock
  • Off-the-shelf lithium batteries (Duracell 123a) with a 5-year battery life
  • Intelligent paediatric capability: Pedi-padz® paediatric electrodes can be purchased separately for children up to 8 years old or weighing less than 55 pounds
  • Automatic self-testing helps ensure a state of readiness
  • Soft carry case for easy travel
  • 5-year warranty (7-year warranty with online registration)
  • Be purchased separately for children up to 8 years old or weighing less than 55 pounds
  • Automatic self-testing helps ensure a state of readiness
  • Soft carry case for easy travel
  • 5-year warranty (7-year warranty with online registration)
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Equip your organisation, community, or facility with the Zoll AED 3 – a powerful tool in saving lives. Contact us today to learn more about our special offers, training options, and how the Zoll AED 3 can make a difference in your life-saving efforts.

Zoll AED Plus

Ready in moments and easy for anyone to use

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere...will you be ready?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a leading cause of death. Survival depends on having quick access to an AED and the reliable operation of the device.
Like any piece of medical equipment AEDs can experience unexpected failures. To help save a life, AEDs need to be ready and accessible at all times. Being prepared for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is not only about the acquisition and installation of an AED – you also need to know that it will work as designed first time, every time.

To ensure AED readiness, continuous monitoring and maintenance are key.