SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator

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A short shopping spree, a museum visit, a pleasant weekend, or a well deserved holiday – with SimplyGo, your oxygen-therapy patients may enjoy it all. Lightweight and durable, delivered with a handy carrying case and a cart with easy-to-go wheels, SimplyGo is always ready for a stroll. Its accessory case keeps everything on hand, for all occasions.

SimplyGo ls Philips’ first oxygen concentrator that offers the benefits of a continuous now mode in a lightweight, easy-to-carry design of 4.5 kg. No need to compromise between an effective oxygen therapy output for your patients and the usual weight of the device. SimplyGo offers a solution that fulfils the needs of most of your oxygen-therapy patients. With SimplyGo, patients have the flexibility to be away, the day, for work., for a weekend or a long holiday.
Comes with everything that you need including:
  • a carrying case
  • mobile cart
  • one rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • DC and AC power cords
  • accessory bag and
  • user manual

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