Cardio First Angel

Ventria Cardio First Angel

When someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, the first few minutes are crucial.

Early Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and early defibrillation are the only way you can save the patient.

Cardio First Angel removes the insecurities many people feel around giving effective CPR, especially if they are not trained first aiders.

With Cardio First Angel, anyone can give effective compressions (cardiac massage) and help save a patient’s life.

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Why it works

Committed to being prepared for sudden cardiac arrests is not only about acquisition and installation of an AED. The key responsibility is delivering continuous access and ensured readiness.

Ventria Cardio Angel Why
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Easy to Use

Helps you find the correct position on the patient’s chest. Click sound indicates correct compression depth rate and helps you reach the required frequency (around 100 compressions per minute).

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No Battery Required

Maintenance-free, mechanical device that is always ready.

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Compact Design

Small, lightweight device (just 130g) – easy to store and always accessible.

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No Skin Contact

Creates a ‘buffer’ between first aider and patient and eliminates concerns about direct contact.

How to use the Cardio First Angel

Ventria Cardio Step 1
Step 01

Place the device in the centre of the patient’s chest. The shape of the device helps you find the correct position.

Ventria Cardio Step 2
Step 02

Kneel next to the patient and perform CPR using the device. Use your shoulders for strength.

Ventria Cardio Step 3
Step 03

The click sound will guide you on the correct compression depth and frequency.

Ventria Cardio Angel

Cardio First Angel

The lifesaving device anyone can use
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Offering continuous carefree Managed AED Services

Ventria will be able to monitor, manage, service and provide reports on your AED, this is important when managing your AED.

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