What is an AED?

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Maybe you have an Automated External Defibrillator(AED) at your office, or you’ve seen one in a public space. But do you know what it is, and what it can do?

An AED is an advanced medical device that can be used to save the life of someone having a sudden cardiac arrest. Although they’re sophisticated, they’re easy to use – and you don’t need any training.

An AED works by analysing the rhythm of the patient’s heart. If there’s a problem, it can deliver an electric shock (defibrillation) to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

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Public access defibrillation (PAD)

This is all about making sure that AEDs are immediately available for use by lay bystanders when and where they are needed. This could be at home, or in offices, schools and other public spaces.

Does your local mall or gym have an AED? What about the school your kids go to?

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Ventria supplies and installs advanced, easy to use AEDs from world-class suppliers, including the market leading Philips HeartStart range.

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Designed to be used by anybody, and to make it easier to save lives. Positive outcomes without training.

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A revolutionary remote monitoring and communication tool that’s pre-installed in all our AED carrying cases.

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