Philips HS1 AED Adult Smart Pads (M5071A)

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Replacement Adult SMART Electrode Pads Cartridge works for the Philips HS1 AED and comes in Philips’ convenient cartridge format. Each cartridge neatly stores one set of electrode pads behind a transparent plastic cover and has the Philips “pull handle” built in.

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Electrode pads for the Philips HS1 AED units must be replaced after use or by the indicated expiration date.

Expiry date can be found printed on the white box beneath the diagram that shows where to place the electrode pads during use. Only open pads in an emergency; once pads are opened, they will need to be replaced.

How to charge:
  • Slide the release latch at the top of the AED to the right to release the cartridge from the AED unit.
  • Remove the new cartridge from its wrapper and place the bottom of the cartridge into the bottom of the cartridge compartment on the front of the AED.
  • Press the top of the cartridge down so that it snaps into place.

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