Managed AED Services

Ventria’s Smart Heart Solutions

Being prepared for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest incident is about more than having an AED on the wall.

You need to know that your AED is accessible, that it works reliably, and that it has not been tampered with.

With managed AED Services and medical supplies from Ventria, you can have that confidence. 

Being 100% ready is all about having continuous access and ensured readiness. 

That’s exactly what our Managed AED Services deliver.

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Ventria Smart Heart Solutions

“The Resuscitation Council UK and British Heart Foundation (Guide to AEDs, April 2017) advise those owning an AED should have a process in place for it to be checked regularly and frequently, ideally daily.”

Ventria Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability

Ventria AED Software

Compliance and mandatory software updates

Ventria AED Replenishment

Replenishment management (consumables)

Ventria AED Maintenance

Frequent inspections & preventive maintenance

Ventria AED Troubleshooting


AED management challenges

There are many aspects to consider
when managing AEDs

Ventria AED Alarm Fatigue

Alarm fatigue

Ventria AED Accessibility

AED presence & accessibility

Ventria AED Financial Planning

Financial planning & end-of-life management

Ventria AED Deployment

Deployment post-event follow-up

Ventria AED Managaing Multiple AEDs

Managing AEDs across multiple sites

Ventria Lets Discuss how heartstart solutions can help you

Let’s discuss how Smart Heart Solutions can help you

Introducing Managed AEDs from Ventria, an all-in-one carefree service designed to give the confidence you need. Ventria Solutions are smart, cost-effective and allows you to be confident, connected and carefree when it comes to having a rescue-ready AED at your disposal when you need it most.

Ventria’s Managed AED Services:

Ventria Carefree Icon

24/7 AED Monitoring

Ventria No Investment Required

No investment required

Ventria Pre Paid Monthly Fee

Pre-paid or monthly fee

Ventria Worldwide Coverage Icon

Worldwide coverage

Ventria Managed AED Key benefits

Key Benefits

Be prepared

Be ready if a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs

Quality devices

High-quality, well maintained, 24/7 monitored AEDs without the responsibilities and pressures of owning the devices yourself

Peace of mind

Gain peace of mind and stay in the loop

Low cost

Low total cost of ownership & easy budgeting

Remote AED management

We manage the AEDs for you – at a single site or multiple sites, nationwide or globally


Movement Alerts and Emergency Calls direct from the AED


Stay compliant with current local requirements

Replenishment of consumables

Replenishment pads and batteries


Improved sustainability through reducing unnecessary site inspections

Our managed AED services can cost less than your daily cappuccino.

Life is priceless. Saving it needn’t be expensive.

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Ventria Continues Carefree Managed AED Solution

Continuous. Committed.

Focus on running your business while we take care of every aspect of your AED solution, from planning and implementation through program management to post-incident support.

Our SLA includes maintenance, service and finance package, plus replenishment of key components at no extra cost.